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Richer learning experiences that go beyond the typical slide-based content provide opportunities to track and analyze a much wider variety of learner behaviors. Fortunately, we have xAPI. And with it a lot of potential, but also a whole new set of challenges.

For traditional content, authoring tools have started to provide some xAPI support, but to get interesting and useful information custom programming for xAPI will be needed (no, 'john@acme.com experienced slide27' alone is not useful). Non-traditional, fully custom content, will obviously need custom programming for xAPI too. LRS choice, installation, data analysis etc. are some of the challenges that you will need to address soon.


In addition to advanced actions and custom xAPI reporting in traditional eLearning modules, there are other areas where xAPI-related custom development might be needed, such as totally custom HTML5 content, server side components for tasks such as server-side statement generation, content access control, custom launch mechanisms, custom querying and reporting on the LRS data, etc.

Please contact us to start a conversation about your custom xAPI development needs.


xAPI can be challenging. We have already spent hundreds of hours on xAPI-related study, design and development. Why not take advantage of our experience? Instead of wading through lots of documents, articles, and presentations to find the information you need about xAPI, you can use our consultation channels to ask questions when they arise and get answers in a short time.

If you have a development team that already develops e-Learning but needs to get up to speed on xAPI, providing them with a channel where they can have their questions answered can help provide direction and efficiency to your team, and save hours of their time.

Please contact us to inquire about our consulting options.


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