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New xAPI plugin for Adapt

jPablo Caballero - 2018-01-17

The new adapt-alt-xapi plugin for Adapt is functionally similar to the old adapt-tkhub-xAPI, but easier to set up and configure.

SPIN Selling and xAPI

jPablo Caballero - 2017-12-04

"SPIN selling" is a sales method from the eighties which is explained in a book of the same name. From the eighties! Why on earth did it trigger this reflection on xAPI?

xAPI is not magic: VIII - Implications for IDs and Conclusion

jPablo Caballero - 2017-01-23

xAPI holds great potential for Instructional Designers. Hopefully, as xAPI matures, they will have to worry less and less (or nothing at all) about the technical details.

xAPI is not magic: VII - xAPI enables your Personal Data Locker

jPablo Caballero - 2017-01-20

The idea of the LRS as a database of experience data leads some to proclaim the advent of an era where, thanks to xAPI, everybody can store and control their own training and experience records.

xAPI is not magic: VI - xAPI makes your LMSs obsolete

jPablo Caballero - 2017-01-17

You hear that, to work with xAPI, you need a type of 'server' called an 'LRS', where all the tracking data are stored. Then, what about your LMS? do you need it? The answer, as usual, is 'it depends'.

xAPI is not magic: V - xAPI correlates learning and performance

jPablo Caballero - 2017-01-14

To correlate data from two different sources, you must first gather data from both sources.

xAPI is not magic: IV - xAPI works offline

jPablo Caballero - 2017-01-11

Sometimes you'll just hear that xAPI 'works offline'. That may leave you wondering what that means and how can that be. Read on, and wonder no more.

xAPI is not magic: III - xAPI can track anything

jPablo Caballero - 2017-01-08

The potential for tracking enabled by xAPI is phenomenal. So, yes, with xAPI-enabled systems you can track anything. So can you with non xAPI-enabled systems. Learn about tracking per se vs. xAPI, and about the value that xAPI adds.

xAPI is not magic: II - xAPI does this and that

jPablo Caballero - 2017-01-05

Sometimes the wording used to describe xAPI portray it as something that it's not. This can a source of confusion. Read on to find out why.

xAPI is not magic: I - Introduction

jPablo Caballero - 2017-01-02

The experience API (xAPI) was released on April 2013, so it is now in its 4th year of life. However, it is rather easy to run into information that doesn't really clarify some of the key aspects of xAPI, because it is innacurate or misleading. This series tries to address some of those areas of confusion.