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Cookie Policy

Cookies are small sets of information that are stored on the user's computer so that the organization responsible for its installation may retrieve and update that information.

Access to the website acutilis.com (henceforth, "the Website") is free and public, it does not require registration.

The site will use cookies only if a visitor consents first to the use of cookies. The site only uses first-party cookies. The cookies are used to uniquely identify the browser. This identification is used to store information about the browser (platfrom, browser, ip, country) and to track how the visitor uses the site: navigation, and the use of instructional content, if any, provided through the site.

A visitor may revoke his/her consent to the use of cookies at any time.

The site has a 'cookie button' on the menu. This button allows the visitor to manage consent to the use of cookies, that is, to grant or to revoke consent.

The tracking information gathered by the site may be used for analysis of how visitors use the site and its content, to improve our content, and to try to infer usage patterns associated with identifed browsers.

This information will not be shared with any third party, unless properly and thouroughly anonymized.

Some contents might not be available unless cookies are accepted.

Cookies used in the Website

The site uses the following cookies (only if the visitor consented):

Organization Name Domain Purpose 1st or 3rd Party Validity period
Provider acu_trk www.acutilis.com Cookie used by the Provider to assign an ID to the browser. Used to hide or show the cookie banner, and to enable tracking of navigation through the website, and usage of learning content, if any. 1st-party Persistent (1 year)
Provider acu_sbs www.acutilis.com Cookie used by the Provider to keep track of a browsing session. It will expire 10 minutes after the last interaction with the site. 1st-party Persistent (10 minutes)

Do Not Track

The website honors the browser's "Do Not Track" setting.

If the visitor has activated the "Do Not Track" setting in his/her browser, the site will assume that the user whishes not to be tracked at all, and therefore will not accept the use of cookies. In this case, the 'cookie button' will not be available on the menu. Cookies will not be used, and no tracking will be performed.

If the visitor had previously consented to the use of cookies but then activates the DNT setting, on the next visit (a refresh might be needed) the site will delete its cookies, and therefore will stop tracking this visitor.

General information about cookies

Types of cookies

Cookies, regarding their validity interval, can be classified as session cookies or persistent cookies. Session cookies expire when the user closes the browser, while persistent cookies remain for a longer period of time during which the data continue to be stored and can be accessed and processed.

Also, according to the organization that manages the server or domain from which the cookies are sent and the obtained data are processed:

Regarding their purpose, we can disthinguish:

Cookie management in the browser

Most modern browsers allow to manage cookies in 3 different ways:

The browser may allow the user to specify with greater detail which cookies should be accepted and which shouldn't be accepted. Concretely, the user usually can set one of the following options:

A user can decide later to delete the cookies that are already installed, changing the configuration of his/her browser or deleting them manually in the browser itself. Please be aware that deleting cookies might cause a reduction in the quality or functionalities of the Website.

For more information, please visit the website http://www.aboutcookies.org, where you can find detailed information about how to manage and delete cookies in various browsers.