eLearning Technologies & xAPI

consulting - development - deployment



xAPI can be challenging. We have already spent hundreds of hours on xAPI-related study, design and development. Why not take advantage of our experience? Your time is too valuable to waste it searching for information, wading through documents, articles, and presentations. If you want to find out what xAPI is about, whether it is suitable for your needs, and how to take advantage of it, with our consulting packages you will get answers to your questions in a short time.

Teams that already develop eLearning but need to get up to speed on xAPI can also take advantage of our consulting packages and save a considerable amount of time. Initial guidance, development help, and having someone who can answer xAPI questions just in time, will provide direction and efficiency to the team.

  • hourly (1, 5, 10, 20)
  • monthly (5h, 10h)
  • e-mail
  • video/audio conference

  • half day
  • full day
  • custom arrangement
  • (depending on location)


Development of complete eLearning modules (using traditional Rapid Authoring Tools, Adapt, etc.). Collaboration with with your instructional designers/developers to provide specific programming support for specific advanced aspects, like xAPI customization with JavaScript. Imlementation of xAPI functionality in other HTML5/js developments.

On the server, development and set-up applications for a variety of xAPI-related tasks, such as consuming APIs to generate xAPI data, add xAPI functionality to existing server systems, etc.

  • xAPI Plugins
  • eLearning content and xAPI customizations (in Authoring Tools, Adapt, etc.)
  • Custom xAPI-enabled HTML5/js content
  • etc.

  • API/xAPI adapters
  • Server side xAPI processing
  • Custom backends
  • etc.


Execution of server-related tasks that do not necessarily involve development. Provisioning and maintenance of Linux (Ubuntu) servers, installation of software, such as open source LRSs, LMSs, or other systems that might be used in an eLearning environment.